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A Simple, Loving table for this Mother’s Day


—living under the same roof—

This time is unprecedented. It’s been difficult in many ways.

I have been working hard on staying centered, inspired, loving, thankful and hopeful… wishing the best there to wish for our extended communities as we all get through this.

With it all, May is here and it brought to us a very important day for all: Mother’s Day.

It has to be special!

Hello there, my name is Mariel Davis and I am the founder of @SmallTableGatherings —an Instagram account meant to inspire us all to gather with our loved ones and share special moments around the table.

So, if you -who are reading these lines- live under the same roof as your mom or if you are a mother yourself… and you would like to add something special to this day, here are 3 tips to create a simple and loving table:

Use what you have at home

The tableware you use everyday or the one that you have been saving for a special occasion… use it. Use everything you love the most… enjoy it and share it with the ones you love.

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Imagen: IG Small Table Gatherings

Candles, cloth napkins and nature

Whenever you choose what to use, do not forget to include these elements. Besides making your tabletop look beautiful, their mere presence will make it feel very special.

The Message

Find (or write, if you may) a message for your mom, or one to describe the motherhood moment you are living right now. It does not have to be anything too fancy… just loving and real. Print it and place it on each seat. It will help enhance the purpose of the gathering moment.

Remember that is not always about the new, the very detailed or elaborated… the most beautiful moment, is often simple and incredibly thoughtful, meaningful for you and the ones sharing it.

This Mother’s Day, I am celebrating @TheSmallTableSETTER.

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Imagen IG Small Table Setter
  • Happy Mother’s Day to y’all!
  • xoxo,
  • The Small Table Setter
  • #StayHome

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