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Art Exhibit Bring Horror Films To Life returns to Los Angeles


Artist Maximilian Castillo, better known by “Maximilian” has taken his passion for horror movies to the next level with “I like scary movies”, a pop-up interactive art installation that plays tribute to some of the most classic scary films.

horror Films

Each installation provides ample opportunity for visitors to snap pictures of themselves and their friends in their favorite horror scenarios of the movies: “It”, “The Shinning”, “Friday the 13th”, “A nightmare on Elm Street” and “Beetlejuice”.

Once WB approved all the concept art, Maximilian’s Ultra Productions Team started to fabricate from scratch every piece inside the exhibition.

Some big name horror directos like Eli Roth, Joe Dante have already given their stamps of approval to the exhibition, but it is the regular fans Maximilian is aiming at. 

I Like Scary Movies la peculiar exhibición que nos muestra Karla Osella

Guests can pose for pictures in a number of environments like the boiler room where Freddy Krueger’s giant, extremely detailed “Beetlejuice” graveyard, the carpet floors of the Overlook Hotel in “The Shining”, try to escape Pennywise’s lair from “It”, to mention some.

His passion for horror films, started at a young age. His training ground was destroying his grandma house at Halloween, making it the coolest house that everyone wanted to attend. He got all his family involved in this adventure.

I like scary movies is getting so much success, that Maximilian is in the process of taking this experience to Las Vegas, NY and Japan. 

By: Karla Osella