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When Sicily met Mendoza

Craving Italian food, I decided to jump on the W train to visit Vite Vinosteria, the charming Italian restaurant and wine bar nestled on 34th Street and 31st Avenue in Astoria, Queens.

Planted right outside the door, are their heirloom tomato vines, decorating the outdoor seating with a beautiful garden atmosphere. If you love tomatoes, you will love their Insalata!


Dining with Barbi


I was thrilled to share some of Vite Vinosteria’s favorite plates.

Creating these beautiful 100% Sicilian plates is Executive Chef, Fabian Garcia. Born and raised in Mendoza, Argentina and raised by Sicilian parents.

He worked in Sicily for many years learning their authentic recipes and bringing nothing but the best to New York City.

Everything at Vite Vinosteria is made fresh, the salads, pastas, everything is made by hand and served fresh!” – Executive Chef, Fabian Garcia.


Dining with Barbi


He brought me a few of their seasonal and traditional plates, including the Insalata Estiva with fresh heirloom tomatoes from the garden, watermelon, pistachios and ricotta cheese. It’s a great starter if you’re trying to save room for more.

A traditional Sicilian appetizer is the Arancini which is considered the food of the poor. It is a delicious crispy fried rice ball filled with ragu beef and creamy chedder bechamel sauce.

Next, he brought me the Gnocchi al pomodoro fresca. It’s very difficult to find fresh gnocchi in New York City which is what makes this gnocchi so different from all the others. Trust me, you will compare every gnocchi after this.

Then, my favorite dish, Pappardelle a la bolognesa. This bolognese has a mix of beef and pork meat which gives it so much flavor, served over a bed of fresh homemade ribbon pasta.


Dining with Barbi

Finally, he surprised me with a dish he created that wasn’t on the menu, Tagliatelle with swordfish accompanied with tomatoes and pistachio.

With my Italian background, I felt like I was right at home. From the tomato garden entrance to the pan served pasta right out of the kitchen. It was truly a pleasure and delight.