La Calle Media®, LLC/Inc. is an innovative cable TV broadcasting company that provides services to the significantly underserved 56 million plus strong Hispanic population within the USA. 

La Calle TV has a mission to engage, entertain, inform, educate, empower and inspire Hispanics through programming that  enrich their daily lives, improve their local communities and enhance their individual and collective futures.

From its offices in New York and in Latin America, the company creates, aggregates, delivers and distributes original and third party content through its own branded channels as well as through multiple established media outlets such as Univision Noticias & Despierta America, Spectrum Cable NY1 News in New York, 24 hours a day on Roku, El Diario de NY, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram among various other social media platforms.

About the Founders

Jorge Viera

Is one of the most recognized journalists in New York City. He was the main news anchor for Noticias Univision 41 in New York City from 2013 through April of 2017.  

Since his departure from Univision, Jorge has focused on the creation of La Calle TV as well as taking on several investigative news assignments on behalf of a major Hispanic broadcaster. 

In addition to his CEO role, Jorge acts as a managing editor, on air talent development and on air personality for La Calle TV.  

Jorge Viera, CEO de La Calle TV regresa a Univisión

In his former role at Univision, Jorge anchored a news program that was rated by Nielsen as the country’s number one local news network, surpassing television networks such as CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX.

For more than 15 years Jorge has been a respected news correspondent in the United States, Latin America, Spain and Russia.

One of his live news reports from early in his career was included among the 50 most shocking of the last century by the History Channel.

He has been one of the few to interview the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez. For many years he documented the gang wars in Los Angeles, California and the hurricanes that hit Florida and the states adjoining the Gulf of Mexico.

He has worked undercover in Cuba and participated in first hand coverage on the reality that is lived in Puerto Rico, the difficult days of Argentina with the so-called “corralito”, and the September 11 attacks, among others.

He has also covered sporting events such as the Champions League final in London at the legendary Wembley, the final of the Copa del Rey in Valencia. He was also a sports presenter in Russia, Spain and Latin America.

He has won five gold microphones, some of them for “Best Feature from the Spot” and has three national Emmy nominations.  

Jorge recently wrote and published a book about his experiences as a correspondent in the different parts of the world over his career, entitled “Todo Todo Perfecto”.  In early 2017, the New York Yankees honored Jorge’s career in a pre-game ceremony recognizing his significant contributions to the community. 


Anna Barbi 

Is the Founder, Host and Executive Producer of the successful La Calle TV production, “Si Usted Viera lo que Viera.”

Anna also hosts her own food segment, “Dine with Barbi” which is a dining experience covering from Michelin Star restaurants to hole-in-the-wall places in New York City.

She is also a Correspondent for UNEWS, a new English-language newscast that airs on Fusion TV. Anna is a Pittsburg State University graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business.

She pursued her career in Entertainment in Miami in 2010 working for Univision Communications through various roles in programming and Production. She later transferred to New York City to further her career at Univision, working in the marketing and production departments as well.


María Elena Velazco

Is a Venezuelan journalist and broadcaster. María Elena has developed her career in digital journalism, previously working for various regional, print, corporate and radio companies in Venezuela.

She is also an Institutional Voice Over at Unión Radio Valencia and for different brands in Colombia.


La Calle TV® is a registered trademark of La Calle Media®, LLC/Inc.